Hi friends! My name is Shari and I'm a coffee obsessed, music loving, film-making, curly headed artist. I love life and I often feel inspired by art in its many forms. Ergo, photography has been one of my loves from a young age. I would carry my camera phone everywhere I went, essentially documenting everything.

I can be the most introverted-introvert but I love interacting with others and getting to know their stories. I'm a little more on the calmer side and thrive off a deep conversation with some chill music and a cup of coffee - you know, the little things. On my days off you can 100% find me creating art, getting outside with my pup Ada or hanging out with my friends. 

I've never really been big on words, that's why I think photography is my thing. I get excited capturing real, authentic moments with of course a relaxed approach. I want you to remember the moments that filled you with happy tears and gave you butterflies, forever. I try my best to create a safe space where you can be your absolute, true self. 

If you think we'll work well together, let's connect and talk over a cup of coffee or tea if that's your thing.  

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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